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May 1 2023 – Linkedin article, translation and update of the article published in French March 29 : Everyone, Everywhere, All at Once

January 3 2023 – Linkedin article – Covid in China: Big Bang in joy and pain

October 6 2022 – Linkedin article – Travel to China : More than half the Sky

September 2 2022 – Linkedin article – Covid in China : The town mouse and the country mouse

Covid in China : The Town Mouse and the country Mouse (

June 6 2022 – Linkedin article – Shanghai unlocked : Victory on the Mammoth !

Shanghai re-opened at last ! Does it mean the Covid mega-clusters is an extinct species in China ? Our latest Solidarity Covid – Expats in China article in LePetitJournal translated in English and updated.

May 17 2022 – Linkedin article – Zero Covid : Planet China on its orbit

Because of the sole mentions of Taiwan and Hong Kong, we couldn’t make a wechat version of this article (originally published in French in LePetitJournal May 12). So here it is in English and with data updated as of May 16 2022. Some insights into why China is not giving up on zero-Covid despite the tremendous cost of lockdowns, and the abysmal gap with the rest of the world. Today, in the “prevention” areas of Shanghai, one family member could step out to ride the bicycle to go shopping in a designated supermarket. A small step to freedom, a Huge leap for the confined !

May 6 2022 – LinkedIn Post – John Hopkins University Covid dynamics on China

April 18 2022 – LinkedIn article and post : A Whole new World : A meta-analysis of pre-Omicron zero covid strategy China’s post Wuhan clusters

Since January 30 2020, I have spent about 5500 hours curating China Covid dynamics data every day, rain or shine, into the most comprehensive data set that exists with just the help of my volunteer team of Solidarity Covid – Expats in China. I have written 15 articles for LePetitJournal, the French online expat newsletter illustrating those unique data sets and insights they deliver to understand better how China in zero covid strategy is dealing with outbreaks and international travel. Many have suggested that the contents of those articles should be published in English in scientific reviews to give better visibility to our work and finally get funding to perpetuate our singular work.
Covid runs so fast, by the time the journal accepts the topic coming from a volunteer team and not from established scholars, by the time they accept a data set requiring daily data entry on multiple sources and not accessible online with full back data like all the other countries reporting Covid data, by the time the review is completed, another variant and several waves will have hit the world and China and make the article, the book or whatever totally out of date.
China is now at dire straits in safeguarding its zero covid strategy, 2 Omicron BA.2 major outbreaks have re-shuffled a number of rules and the scales have to be revisited, we are in another era but still in zero covid strategy as the mega clusters are concentrated in 2 areas and other provinces are dealing with smaller outbreaks mainly related to the major ones which will be under control in a few weeks as usual.  Hence, I have decided to publish this “pre-Omicron BA.2” analysis completed between December 12 and February 10 2022.  Link below or PDF available for download.

January 30 2022 – post : Vaccination attracts Omicron ? let’s debunk…

November 24 2021 – Cancer epidemiology project presented @ CphMRa 2021 conference (China Pharmaceutical Market Research association), with some similarities with the Solidarity Covid – Expats in China about curation of public data and China territory design.

Pub. October 19 2021 – how are the countries who vaccinated early doing out of the 4th wave ? – on Weibo

Pub September 2 2021 – the world is scrutating again Israel Covid dynamics –

Pub August 27 2021 –

Israel and China are both champions in the prevention of the pandemic : China for its digital tracking and efficient epidemic control, Israel for outstanding vaccination campaign(s). Very proud that IsraelPlan Organization in China is introducing our work at Solidarity Covid – Expats in to its thousands of followers in China and overseas !

Pub August 11 2021 – LinkedIn – New cases in China : the real trend


Pub. Dec 5 2020, The Secrets of the Pyramid – Covid and Demographics

Exploring the learnings on demographics of Covid cases and deaths accross the world, with the fascinating input of COVerAGE-DB project covering over 100 countries, and enhanced with our own research for France, Hong Kong and Brazil.

Published September 11 2020, China Covid post Wuhan

Day after day we are curating a unique data on China cases, which enables, thanks to the relative short duration of the clusters and the details about the imported cases, understand the epidemic control and prevention strategies of China.

Published September 3 2020, a big data analysis on Brazil Open Source

Exploring Covid data at anonymized patient record level is the most valuable exercise. We have such data available for Brazil, and thanks to the help of Maël Deschamps, data scientist, we are able to compute the history of ICU occupancy, Hospitalized for Brazil and more to come with more help.